Percolation Porous Media

Local Porosity Theory for the Transition from Microscales to Macroscales in Porous Media

R. Hilfer, B. Virgin, T. Rage

ERCOFTAC Bull. 28, 6 (1996)

submitted on
Monday, February 12, 1996

A quantitative understanding of fluid flow and other transport processes in porous media remains a prerequisite for progress in many disciplines such as hydrology, petroleum technology, chemical engineering, environmental protection, nuclear waste storage, drug transport in biological tissues, catalysis, paleontology, filtration and separation technology to name but a few. While the microscopic equations governing flow and transport in porous media are often well known, the macroscopic laws are usually different and much less understood. Most approaches in computational fluid dynamics for porous media avoid to discuss or control the problems arising in the transition from a microscale (pores) to the macroscale (field or laboratory). As a consequence the upscaling of transport processes, particularly for immiscible fluid-fluid displacement, has remained difficult.

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