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Stochastic Multiscale Model for Carbonate Rocks

B. Biswal, P.E. Øren, R. Held, S. Bakke, R. Hilfer

Physical Review E 75, 061303 (2007)

submitted on
Tuesday, January 9, 2007

A multiscale model for the diagenesis of carbonate rocks is proposed. It captures important pore scale characteristics of carbonate rocks: wide range of length scales in the pore diameters; large variability in the permeability; and strong dependence of the geometrical and transport parameters on the resolution. A pore scale microstructure of an oolithic dolostone with generic diagenetic features is successfully generated. The continuum representation of a reconstructed cubic sample of sidelength 2 mm contains roughly 42⫻ 106 crystallites and pore diameters varying over many decades. Petrophysical parameters are computed on discretized samples of sizes up to 10003. The model can be easily adapted to represent the multiscale microstructure of a wide variety of carbonate rocks.

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