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Towards precise prediction of transport properties from synthetic computer tomography of reconstructed porous media

B. Biswal, R.J. Held, V. Khanna, J. Wang, R. Hilfer

Physical Review E 80, 041301 (2009)

submitted on
Saturday, April 4, 2009

Transport properties of a multiscale carbonate rock are predicted from pore scale models, reconstructed using a continuum geometrical modeling technique. The method combines crystallite information from two-dimensional high-resolution images with sedimentary correlations from a three-dimensional low-resolution microcomputed tomography micro-CT-image to produce a rock sample with calibrated porosity, structural correlation, and transport properties at arbitrary resolutions. Synthetic micro-CT images of the reconstructed model match well with experimental micro-CT images at different resolutions, making it possible to predict physical transport parameters at higher resolutions.

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