Porous Media Two-Phase Flow

Travelling Wave Solutions in a Generalized Theory for Macroscopic Capillarity

O. Hönig, F. Doster, R. Hilfer

Transport in Porous Media 99, 467 (2013)

submitted on
Thursday, December 20, 2012

One-dimensional traveling wave solutions for imbibition processes into a homogeneous porous medium are found within a recent generalized theory of macroscopic capillarity. The generalized theory is based on the hydrodynamic differences between percolating and nonpercolating fluid parts. The traveling wave solutions are obtained using a dynamical systems approach. An exhaustive study of all smooth traveling wave solutions for primary and secondary imbibition processes is reported here. It is made possible by introducing two novel methods of reduced graphical representation. In the first method the integration constant of the dynamical system is related graphically to the boundary data and the wave velocity. In the second representation the wave velocity is plotted as a function of the boundary data. Each of these two graphical representations provides an exhaustive overview over all one-dimensional and smooth solutions of traveling wave type, that can arise in primary and secondary imbibition. Analogous representations are possible for other systems, solution classes, and processes.

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