Lattice Models Nonequilibrium Simulations Stochastic Processes

Statistical Prediction of Corrosion Front Penetration

T. Johnsen, R. Hilfer

Phys.Rev. E 55, 5433 (1997)

submitted on
Wednesday, September 18, 1996

A statistical method to predict the stochastic evolution of corrosion fronts has been developed. The method is based on recording material loss and maximum front depth. In this paper we introduce the method and test its applicability. In the absence of experimental data we use simulation data from a three-dimensional corrosion model for this test. The corrosion model simulates localized breakdown of a protective oxide layer, hydrolysis of corrosion product and repassivation of the exposed surface. In the long time limit of the model, pits tend to coalesce. For different model parameters the model reproduces corrosion patterns observed in experiment. The statistical prediction method is based in the theory of stochastic processes. It allows the estimation of conditional probability densities for penetration depth, pitting factor, residual lifetimes, and corrosion rates which are of technological interest.

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