Disordered Systems Lattice Models Renormalisation Stochastic Processes

Fluctuation-Dissipation on Fractals: A Probabilistic Approach

R. Hilfer, A. Blumen

in: Time Dependent Effects in Disordered Materials
edited by: R.Pynn and T. Riste
Plenum Press, New York, 217 (1987)

submitted on
Tuesday, March 31, 1987

The analogies between the diffusion problem and the resistor network problem as witnessed by the Einstein relation have been very important for analytical and numerical investigations of linear problems in disordered geometries (e.g. percolating clusters). This raises the question whether the resistor problem can be identified in a purely probabilistic context. An affirmative answer has recently been given and it was shown that the Einstein relation follows from a simple probabilistic argument. Here we present the results of a more general treatment.

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