Disordered Systems Lattice Models Transport Processes

Correlation Effects on Hopping Transport in a Disordered Medium

R. Hilfer

in: Dynamical Processes in Condensed Molecular Systems
edited by: A. Blumen and J. Klafter and D. Haarer
World Scientific Publ.Co., Singapore, 302 (1990)
ISBN: 978-981-4540-26-1

submitted on
Monday, April 23, 1990

Correlated hopping transport through a disordered system is discussed in terms of a random walk model with memory correlations on a bond disordered lattice. Correlations will in general result in a difference between the transition rate to the previously occupied site and the rate for transitions to any other nearest neighbour site. Such a correlated process corresponds exactly to Fürth’s model for a random walk with a finite memory. This paper establishes a first order master equation for Fürth’s random walk on a bond disordered lattice. The equation is found to be equivalent to a symmetrized second order equation which was used previously as the starting point for an effective medium treatment.

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