Ergodic Theory Ergodicity Fractional Time Mathematical Physics Theory of Time

Fractional Dynamics, Irreversibility and Ergodicity Breaking

R. Hilfer

Chaos, Solitons and Fractals 5, 1475 (1995)

submitted on
Wednesday, September 28, 1994

Time flow in dynamical systems is analysed within the framework of ergodic theory from the perspective of a recent classification theory of phase transitions. Induced automorphisms are studied on subsets of measure zero. The induced transformations are found to be stable convolution semigroups rather than translation groups. This implies non-uniform flow of time, time irreversibility and ergodicity breaking. The induced semigroups are generated by fractional time derivatives. Stationary states with respect to fractional dynamics are dissipative in the sense that the measure of regions in phase space may decay algebraically with time although the measure is time transformation invariant.

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