Critical phenomena Equilibrium Simulations Statistical Physics

Continuum Monte-Carlo Simulations of Phase Transitions in Rodlike Molecules at Surfaces

R. Hilfer, F.M. Haas, K. Binder

Il Nuovo Cimento D 16, 1297-1303 (1994)

submitted on
Friday, October 28, 1994

Stiff rod-like chain molecules with harmonic bond length potentials and trigonometric bond angle potentials are used to model Langmuir monolayers at high densities. One end of the rod-like molecules is strongly bound to a flat two-dimensional substrate which represents the air-water interface. A ground-state analysis is performed which suggests phase transitions between phases with and without collective uniform tilt. Large-scale off-lattice Monte Carlo simulations over a wide temperature range show in addition to the tilting transition the presence of a strongly constrained melting transition at high temperatures. The latter transition appears to be related to two-dimensional melting of the head group lattice. These findings show that the model contains both, two- and three-dimensional ergodicity breaking solidification transitions. We discuss our findings with respect to experiment.

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