Heterogeneous Materials Percolation Porous Media

Local Entropy Characterization of Correlated Random Microstructures

C. Andraud, A. Beghdadi, E. Haslund, R. Hilfer, J. Lafait, B. Virgin

Physica A 235, 307 (1997)

submitted on
Tuesday, August 13, 1996

A rigorous connection is established between the local porosity entropy introduced by Boger et al. (Physica A 187 (1992) 55) and the configurational entropy of Andraud et al. (Physica A 207 (1994) 208). These entropies were introduced as morphological descriptors derived from local volume fluctuations in arbitrary correlated microstructures occurring in porous media, composites or other heterogeneous systems. It is found that the entropy lengths at which the entropies assume an extremum become identical for high enough resolution of the underlying configurations. Several examples of porous and heterogeneous media are given which demonstrate the usefulness and importance of this morphological local entropy concept.

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