image analysis Porous Media Simulations

Threedimensional Local Porosity Analysis of Porous Media

B. Biswal, C. Manwart, R. Hilfer

Physica A 255, 221 (1998)

submitted on
Thursday, February 5, 1998

A quantitative comparison of the pore space geometry for three natural sandstones is presented. The comparison is based on local porosity theory which provides a geometric characterization of stochastic microstructures. The characterization focusses on porosity and connectivity fluctuations. Porosity fluctuations are measured using local porosity distributions while connectivity fluctuations are measured using local percolation probabilities. We report the first measurement of local percolation probability functions for experimentally obtained three-dimensional pore space reconstructions. Our results suggest the use of local porosity distributions and percolation probabilities as a quantitative method to compare microstructures of models and experiment.

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