dielectric relaxation Glasses Special Functions

H-function representations for stretched exponential relaxation and non-Debye susceptibilities in glassy systems

R. Hilfer

Physical Review E 65, 061510 (2002)

submitted on
Thursday, June 28, 2001

Analytical expressions in the time and frequency domains are derived for non-Debye relaxation processes. The complex frequency-dependent susceptibility function for the stretched exponential relaxation function is given for general values of the stretching exponent in terms of H-functions. The relaxation functions corresponding to the complex frequency-dependent Cole-Cole, Cole-Davidson, and Havriliak-Negami susceptibilities are given in the time domain in terms of H-functions. It is found that a commonly used correspondence between the stretching exponent of Kohlrausch functions and the stretching parameters of Havriliak-Negami susceptibilities are not generally valid.

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