diffusion Fractional Calculus Porous Media Two-Phase Flow

Simulating the Saturation Front Using a Fractional Diffusion Model

E. Gerolymatou, I. Vardoulakis, R. Hilfer

in: Proceedings of the GRACM05 International Congress on Computational Mechanics, Limassol 2005
edited by: G. Georgiou, P. Papanastasiou, M. Papadrakakis
GRACM, Athens, 653 (2005)

submitted on
Thursday, June 30, 2005

In this paper the possibility of making use of fractional derivatives for the simulation of the flow of water through porous media and in particular through soils is considered. The Richards equation, which is a non-linear diffusion equation, will be taken as a basis and is used for the comparison of results. Fractional derivatives differ from derivatives of integer order in that they entail the whole history of the function in a weighted form and not only its local behavior, meaning that a different numerical approach is required. Previous work on the topic will be examined and a consistent approach based on fractional time evolutions will be presented.

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