Heterogeneous Materials Mathematical Physics Percolation Porous Media

Multiscale local porosity theory, weak limits, and dielectric response in composite and porous media

R. Hilfer

Journal of Mathematical Physics 59, 103511 (2018)

submitted on
Thursday, December 22, 2016

A mathematical scaling approach to macroscopic heterogeneity of composite and porous media is introduced. It is based on weak limits of uniformly bounded measurable functions. The limiting local porosity distributions, that were introduced in Advances in Chemical Physics, vol XCII, p. 299-424 (1996), are found to be related to Young measures of a weakly convergent sequence of local volume fractions. The Young measures determine frequency dependent complex dielectric functions of multiscale media within a generalized selfconsistent effective medium approximation. The approach separates scales by scale factor functions of regular variation. It renders upscaled results independent of the shape of averaging windows upon reaching the scaling limit.

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