dielectric relaxation Disordered Systems electrical conductivity Heterogeneous Materials Percolation Transport Processes

Effective transport coefficients of anisotropic disordered materials

R. Hilfer, J. Hauskrecht

European Physical Journal B 95, 117 (2022)

submitted on
Tuesday, January 4, 2022

A novel effective medium theory for homogenized transport coefficients of anisotropic mixtures of possibly anisotropic materials is developed. Existing theories for isotropic systems cannot be easily extended, because that would require geometric characterizations of anisotropic connectivity. In this work anisotropic connectivity is characterized by introducing a tensor that is constructed from a histogram of local percolating directions. The construction is inspired by local porosity theory. A large number of known and unknown generalized effective medium approximations for anisotropic media are obtained as limiting special cases from the new theory. Among these limiting cases the limit of strong cylindrical anisotropy is of particular interest. The parameter space of the generalized theory is explored, and the advanced results are applied to experiment.

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